Features and Specifications

ICU Smart Glasses

If you could read people like a book, life would be easier. With ICU Smart Glasses, that’s now possible. These glasses are the only interactive video platform that allows you to collect emotional data so you can read facial expressions and body language like never before. With this innovative technology, users will have social sophistication, moving them towards their personal and professional goals faster.

Increased Social Success

With ICU Smart glasses, you’ll be able to perceive and understand emotions accurately. You can determine how the other person feels and what that means depending on the circumstances. You will know what to do and what to say next, which increases your emotional intelligence and enable you to form meaningful connections.

Improved Professional Success

Possessing people skills is a valuable skill that will move your career ahead rapidly. Imagine being able to connect to your colleagues and supervisor, as well as understanding when and how to demonstrate empathy to your customers. The truth is, we are constantly communicating, even when we are not speaking. Being mindful of the gestures and expressions of others greatly helps us to communicate effectively.

Enhanced Wellbeing

A third of our lives is spent at work, and another third is spent with family and friends. Improving these areas of our life significantly impacts our personal lives. It gives us a healthier mental state and a purposeful existence.



Instant Reporting through the ICU Smart Mobile App (WI-FI ready)

Get real-time reports on the face and body analysis data. The report displays a graph of the subject’s condition based on movements and facial expressions. The application covers over 99 expressions. Depending on the top 6 expressions, emotional conditions such as anger, joy, disgust, fear, sadness, and surprise are organized according to the contextual timeline.

Easy Transfer of Files

Store and transfer from your smart glasses to your device so you can get back to the data at any time.

Up to 10 Hours of Talk Time and Listening to Music

Use your smart glasses to take phone calls or listen to any song from your device.

Up to 2 Hours of Video Recording with High-quality Images

Precise drawings and video recordings, so you can be sure that the report sent to the ICU app, is accurate and correctly analyzed. You can also record up to 2 hours of video recording without having to charge your smart glasses.

Other Products Specifications:

USB: Type C
Remote: RTSP
Voice video\ WIFI \ RTSP \ Cloud platform
IOS \ Android app + SDK