Advancing Human Potential with AI Technology

We are an innovative technology company based in Turkey, serving business distributors across the globe. We are the world leader in wearable smart glasses. We have teams of dedicated individuals working together for years to bring you the best-in-class smart glasses.
At ICU Smart Glasses, we believe that wearable smart glasses can transform how people interact with their world. Our mission is to develop innovative technology that helps you understand what’s happening around you by bringing your hands and eyes together.
We aim to provide an innovative and revolutionary smart glass that will allow you to take your life to the next level.
We’re committed to creating a product that can be worn comfortably, and our goal is to create a device that is as capable as any smartphone but much more durable and versatile. Our vision is to push the limits of human potential through smart glasses technology, allowing them to understand their surroundings in a better way.